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DO YOU HAVE A TESTIMONY? I Do, You've Got To Know About It!

I have a Testimony, Praise God, I am impelled to tell this to you. About 6:00pm Alabama time one evening being 5/13/2004 I was a witness to a true miracle of the power and love of God. Ok, my Brother in-law and his family live in a mobile home next door to us. He was working on his van, trying to get it started, well it caught fire. I told my wife to call the fire department and she did, only it took them over 20 minutes before they got there. Now, we just knew that the van was gonna exspode at any time, for it had a full tank of gas and it was only 3 feet from the mobile home. So all we could do is stand there and watch as it was completely engulfed in flames. My wife and myself prayed. Now, let me back up some, as the fire started, it was very windy, as the smoke went up, it was being blown against the mobile home, we just knew that the fire was going to catch to it, but instead, the wind shifted as the flames went higher and the fire went around the side of the mobile home and did not touch it at all.
God had his hand over that mobile home protecting it from the fire. The fire department finely got there and put it out, over 20 minutes later. That is an Absolut true miracle of the power and love of God.

Daniel Lee Johnson
God Bless You All.

P.S. - If you have a Testimony or any coments, please send email to be posted here. Praise God.


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